Seven again

My most vivid childhood memory is the time when I would get the sharp gulok from the corner of the garage and start removing the tall cogon grass growing at the back of our house. I would do that in the afternoon, when the sun is low. I will go home dirty, with lots of scratches because of sharp leaves.


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What, Nationalism?

Nationalism is more than loving the country, singing the Lupang Hinirang, and reciting the Panunumpa sa Watawat and Panatang Makabayan. It is about pursuing the struggle for national liberation and national sovereignty.

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Move on where?

Surviving another House attempt to impeach her, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo called upon Filipinos to “move on with life and work.” For her, it is business as usual, and Filipinos should do the same.

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Folly and pure fantasy, I say!

I am not surprise that the House Committee on Justice (or injustice) junked the second impeachment case against Mrs. Arroyo. As if déjà vu, it will not come as a surprise if the House in plenary session junks the whole case like what it did last year.

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State-sponsored slavery

We find ourselves reminiscing of the old times when royal families and freemen can own and barter slaves like tradeable goods.

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Awashed in sulphuric waters (Mt. Pinatubo experience)

Hiking through the vast stretch of rocks and sand, one cannot imagine that Mt. Pinatubo was once the site of one of the worst volcanic eruptions in the world. But walking and climbing the mountain 15 years after its violent eruption provides no immediate trace of destruction, but only peace and serenity.

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Dreaming of death

There we were, standing by the roadside waiting for your cab ride. It was clear that you loathe my presence that night: I see your eyes looking afar, your mind wandering everywhere but that place.

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